Digital Forensics, often called computer forensics, is the scientific acquisition, analysis, and preservation of data contained in electronic media whose data can be used as evidence in a court of law.


We understand that cases are life altering for the parties involved, and that the most important case, is your case. Digital forensics evidence is the foundation and building blocks of your case, and that information is needed urgently to build the strongest case possible. Bitstream uses the most advanced tools and technology to uncover the most evidence quickly and effectively to build stronger cases. Our ability to expeditiously deliver the uncovered evidence in an easy to understand format, offer full support, and expert testimony, is what sets us apart.



Criminal & Civil Court Case Digital Forensics

Criminal investigative categories that often need digital forensic investigations:

  • Terrorism

  • Crimes Against Children

  • Violent Crimes

  • Internet Crimes

  • Identity Theft

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Fraud & White-Collar Crimes

  • Stalking & Kidnapping

  • Property Crimes

  • Cyberbullying

  • Disgruntled Employee

Lawsuit Court Case Digitial Forensics

Civil investigative categories that often need digital forensic investigations:

  • eDiscovery for Corporate Litigation

  • Discrimination & Harrassment

  • Hostile Work Environment 

  • Insurance Investigations  & Traffic Accidents

  • Social Media Defamation

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Disability

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Disgruntled Employee



Desktops & Workstations can contain a great deal of data that can be forensically recovered to tell the story of what has happened. These computers can be solitary (stand-alone) or networked to share data between computers. Today, desktops & workstation hold vast amounts of critical data, typically in the terabytes. Using the most powerful and advance tools available, Bitstream Forensics can forensically recover data whether it is active, deleted, altered, lost, or in fragments.  Encrypted files, pictures, videos, emails, text messages, social media activity, and steganography are just a few examples of what information Bitstream Forensics can forensically recover.

Desktops & Workstations

including hard drives & networks


including Macs, Windows, & More


Laptops often contain large amounts of data and contain the same information as desktops & workstations. However, laptops can also store other critical evidence. Since laptops are mobile, laptops will include information about other connected networks, such as public WiFi or other attached networks. Additionally, location data like where pictures, videos, emails, social media, or other files were created. Bitstream Forensics has tools to pinpoint locations that can help recreate evidence timelines that matter. These evidence timelines can be used in cases to prove stalking, reveal hacking activity, and unveiling  when crime scenes may have been cased, or a crime was committed.

Images & Video

Who took it? Where was it taken?

What is in that image or video?


Picture and video files seem to be just face-value. However, did you know that often, there are many data points contained within these files such as GPS values of where the files were created or what device created the file?  Did you know that some pictures can contain audio files from when the picture was created? In this business, sometimes evidence is hidden. Steganography is the method of hiding pictures, messages, or other files within a picture. Bitstream Forensics can analyze files to reveal more of the activity surrounding the files and events connected to the file. Additionally, Bitstream Forensics has the capabilities to enhance images and videos for investigators.


With 95% of American adults having a cell phone, it is easy to see why mobile forensics has become center stage for evidence in a court of law. Cell phones and other mobile devices contain a great deal of data, not just on the device itself, but also within connected cloud accounts and apps that store data in the cloud. We use our phones for everything from messaging to shopping to even medical purposes now days. Our cellphones are kept close to us and have become like private diaries, so when forensically examined, investigators are able to recover critical evidence that might not be found on other devices. Bitstream Forensics experienced experts can walk backwards recreating key evidence and timelines that make a solid case. Some of the commonly recovered evidence recovered reveals the user’s locations, travel activities (including speed and time duration at locations), internet search history & website history, social media history, emails, financial records, messages, pictures & video, and much more.

Mobile Devices

including iPhones, Androids, & More


Tablets are much like cellphones. The data is not  just on the device itself, but also within connected cloud accounts and apps that store data in the cloud. Tablets are also used for everything from messaging to shopping to even medical purposes now days. Tablets often contain our work, school work, and/or financial data. They are often used to remotely collaborate with a team. When forensically examined, investigators are able to recover critical evidence, whether saved on the device or in the cloud. Bitstream Forensics experienced experts can find key evidence and see who created, modified, or deleted the information. Some of the commonly recovered evidence recovered reveals the user’s locations, travel activities (including speed and time duration at locations), internet search history & website history, social media history, emails, financial records, messages, pictures & video, and much more.


including iPads, Kindle Fires, & More

Social Media


Social Media investigations are very prevalent. The average user believes that he/she can hide behind fictitious or anonymous usernames. Maybe you have been the victim of a catfish or you or your child has been a victim of online cyberbullying. Maybe revenge images of you have been posted by an "anonymous" source. Bitstream Forensics conducts social media investigations in order to reveal who is behind the mask, what has been posted to the internet, and other types of social media and internet related investigations. These types of cases often start with embarrassing & humiliating content being passed around or shared. Bitstream Forensics professionals understand the sensitivity, are nonjudgmental, and are easy to talk with. Every case we do is considered confidential and is assigned to a professional with a security clearance.


Offsite data storage can contain a wealth of evidence.  These are sites, usually in the form of cloud storage or other data storage services.  The accounts can be for business to hold corporate data, or for personal use. Some users can use these services to attempt to hide illegal activities and evidence of crimes that they do not want to be found on their desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Bitstream Forensics can recover from offsite data storage locations to preserve and reveal evidence in investigations. Our experts are very experienced in offsite and cloud storage.

Offsite Network Storage

including Network, Cloud Storage, External Devices, & More

including Thumb Drives, Flash Drives,

CDs, DVDs, & More


Loose media comes in the forms of thumb drives, camera storage SD cards, external storage drives, CDs, DVDs, and other small devices. These devices are small, some can hold large amounts of data, and are easy to be hidden because of their size.  As in all of the other devices, Bitstream Forensics can forensically recover all of the data contained on loose media for evidentiary purposes.  Did you know that the case of one of the world’s most notorious serial murderers was solved by computer forensics of a floppy diskette?  See our blog on how the FBI's Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory (RCFL) was able to solve the BTK serial killer case with solid evidence obtained with forensics and put an end to the terror that was hunting Wichita, Kansas.

Loose Media Storage



Gaming systems can contain a lot more than just a fun activity to spend the time.  In the same way that child sexual predators use to use playgrounds to prey on children, they now are invited right into our homes to electronically victimize or set up a meeting to victimize our children by using online gaming systems.  Many games have networks allowing others to join in the games and utilize messaging to communicate.  This allows predators to establish trust. Thieves also can gain the trust of children and get the information they need to break into homes or parent’s financial accounts. These systems can be difficult to analyze due to unusual operating systems and hidden databases.  Bitstream forensics can recover data from these systems to help to protect innocent children and adults.

Gaming Systems

including Xbox, Playstation, &

Other Gaming Systems

Internet of Things

Amazon Dot, Google Home, Home

    Appliances, & So Much More


The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing quickly in the implementation of devices in society.  Today we have smart homes, smart buildings, refrigerators that tell you when to restock various items, surveillance cameras, appliances like washers and ovens that can be controlled remotely, and smart devices that are listening.  IoT is growing rapidly and have much less security than other technology products, making them more susceptible to hackers. The data contained in some of these devices can solve cases. Analysis of recording from items like Alexa and Arlo have been used to solve heinous crimes like homicides.  It requires constant keeping with technology and thinking outside of the box to be able to forensically recover data from this ever-expanding field of data sources.  Bitstream Forensics is dedicated to be able to recover all data available. We will not leave any ‘forensic stone’ unturned.


Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Things unintentionally happen to devices and criminals do not want to be caught. Not every device that comes to us is in good condition, however, damaged devices does not mean that the data is lost. Our experts have experience successfully recovering  data from devices that have been in structural fires, had more than two years of water damage, been thrown from high place with intent to destroy, hard drives that have gone bad, hard drives that have been formatted over, CDs and DVDs that have been snapped in pieces, and much more! Even if you think your data is not recoverable, let our experts take a look. You may be surprised at the results you get!  


Hard Drives

& Devices

Yes, Your Data Could Still Be Retrievable!

Legacy Devices

Old devices hold pricesless data too!


As time goes on, people get new computers, cell phones and other digital devices.  A lot of older legacy devices owned may no longer operate or are not compatible with newer technology.  However, users don’t want to discard these devices because they might contain important data and files.  Legacy devices are devices such as; Jaz drives, Zip drives, floppy diskettes (’12, 5.5”, and 3.25”), GPS devices, digital cameras, PDAs and many more.  Bitstream forensics can recover data and files from these devices. This evidence might be able to be used for establishing patterns for example. While the data or device may be old, the data could still be very important and relevant.

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