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Ever get a file and wonder what kind of file it is? Are you a forensics student or professional who needs to know the File Signature? You have come to right place! This is a free resource provided by Bitstream Forensics. Check out the huge list of extensions and file signatures below to find the answers you are looking for! Please note that this page is desktop only.



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Audio interchange file format

ALZip Compressed file

Binary file

Executable file

Image file encoded in the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

JPEG image

JPEG image

Bitmap graphics (Joint Photography Experts Group)

Microsoft Outlook Offline Storage Folder File

Binary property list (plist)

Photoshop Document file, Adobe Photoshop's native file format

Compressed file archive created by RAR (rar1_402.exe)

SQLite Database file

flash .swf

Tagged Image File Format bitmap graphics (PageMaker - CorelDRAW)

Tagged Image File Format

Advanced Systems Format

Advanced Systems Format

Compound File Binary Format

BitTorrent Incomplete Download file

qBittorrent Partial Download file

uTorrent Incomplete Download file

Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer (LocoScript)

Printer data file (LocoScript)

Printer data file (LocoScript)

Standard mode printer definitions (LocoScript)


Temporary file

Pipe file (DOS)

Pipe file (DOS)

Temporary file (dBASE IV)

Editor temporary file (MS C)

GroupWise Database

Pipe file (DOS)

Virtual manager temporary file (Windows 3.x)

Pervasive.SQL Database file

File Splitter & Joiner Encrypted file

File Splitter & Joiner Encrypted Archive file

Norton Disk Doctor Recovered file

Windows Live Mail Email file

Windows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy file

Malicious Software Removal Tool Temporary file

Temporary file (1st Reader)

Old AppExpert project database (Borland C++ 4.5)

Project backup (Borland C++ 4.5)

HostMonitor TestList Backup file

Menu backup (Norton Commander)

Corel WordPerfect Document Index file

Temporary file (1st Reader)

75x75 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)

85x85 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)

91x91 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)

96x96 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)

Printer font with lineDraw extended character set (PageMaker)

F-Secure Renamed Virus file

IBM Voice Type Script file

Iomega Backup file

Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet file

Printer font with PI font set (PageMaker)

TurboTax Form file

TurboTax file

Usually README.1ST text

Setup Factory 6.0 setup launcher

Ripped Video Data file

2d Drawings (VersaCad)

2 Dimensional Data Array file

2d Libraries (VersaCad)

3d Drawings (VersaCad)

3d Libraries (VersaCad)

3D VRML World

Fax (Super FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96)

Intel 80386 processor driver (Windows 3.x)

3D Assembly file

ArcGlobe Document file

3DMark Benchmark file

Graphics (3D Studio)

Database for 3D mind map / concept map (3D Topicscape)

Effect (CorelChart)

3GPP2 file format

3GPP Multimedia file

Data file (Windows Video Grabber)

NGRAIN Mobilizer

TurboTax Form file

3D Movie Maker Movie Project

TurboTax 2008 Form file

Binary file converter to ASCII (Util3)

Sony Mavica Data file

Datafile (4Cast/2)

4D View Ultrasound file

4-MP3 Database file

4dos Swap File

Forth source code file (ForthCMP - LMI Forth)

Preconfigured drivers for System 5cr and System 5cr Plus

Music (8 channels) (The 669 Composer)

Music (6 Channel Module) (Triton FastTracker)

7-Zip compressed file archive

7-Zip archiving format

A86 assembler source code file

Adobe Photoshop Plugin file

Adobe Photoshop Plugin file

Adobe Photoshop Plugin file

Adobe Photoshop Plugin file

Music (8 Channel Module) (Triton FastTracker)

Photoshop Scripting Plug-in

Printer font with Math 8 extended character set (PageMaker)

Adobe Photoshop Macintosh file

Printer font with Roman 8 extended character set (PageMaker)

ALZip Split Archive file

Graphics AIIM image file

A2B Player Playlist

Amapi 3D Modeling file

Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file

Unpackaged Authorware Windows file

Authorware 4.x Library

Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file

Authorware file packaged without runtime

Unpackaged Authorware Windows file

Unpackaged Authorware Windows file

Audible Audio file

Macromedia Authorware Binary

Advanced Audio Coding MPEG-2, MPEG-4

Authorware shocked file

Audible Audiobook file

Parson's Address Book

Datafile (ABStat)

Datafile (ABStat)

Palm Address Book file

Adobe Binary Font

Automatic backup file (CorelDRAW)

Adobe Photoshop brush file

AbiWord document

WordPerfect Address Book file

AOL file (located in AOL program directory)

AC3 Audio File Format

Graphics (ACMB)

Program (DR-DOS - ViewMax) (GEM / resident)

Sonic Foundry Acid music file

Ace Archiver / WinAce compressed file

ACI Development Appraisal

ACORN Graphics format

MS Agent Character file

AIMP2 Media Player Skin file

Adobe Content Server Message file

Screen saver data (AfterDark)

Ada source code file

Ada Package Body

Bitmap graphics (16 colors) (Scanstudio)

Microsoft Access Project



Add-in (Lotus 1-2-3)

Fax (AdTech)

Document (Archetype Designer)

GZ-Packed Amiga Disk file

iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext

Adobe After Effects Project file

Flowchart (ABC FlowCharter 2.0)

AnyForm Form file

Truevision bitmap graphics

Font file (for Allways) (Lotus 1-2-3)

Adobe Type Manager font set

AnyForm template file

Applixware graphics file

Aspen Graphics Pages

Aspen Graphics Windows

Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)


Compressed file archive created by AIN

APL file transfer format file

Array of Intensity Samples graphics (Xerox)

Datafile for cardfile application (HP NewWave)

JPEG2000 Digital closed-circuit television (CCTV) security camera video format

Menu file (WordPerfect Library)

ActiveX Layout file


Music (Advanced Module Format)

Amiga Metafile

AMV Video file

After Effects Motion Exchange file

Animation file format (MorphInk)

Animation (Presidio - many)

Animation (Deluxe Paint Animator)

Help Annotations (Windows 3.x)

Ansi graphics (character animation)

AMV Video file

Add-On Software (Nokia 9000)

Printer driver (Lotus 1-2-3)

Printer driver (Lotus 1-2-3)

Music format (different players)

Printer driver (Lotus 1-2-3)

Adobe Acrobat Plugin file

Android Package file

APL work space format file

ArcPad 6 file

Employee performance review (Employee Appraiser)

MS Visual C++ file

Appexpert database file (Borland C++ 4.5)

Compressed file archive created by ARC (arc602.exe/pk361.exe)

Automatic Response file

AutoCAD Profile Export file

Compressed file archive created by ARI

Compressed file archive created by ARJ (arj241.exe)

AOL Organizer File

Arc file archive created by CP/M port of ARC file archiver

Arrangement (Atari Cubase)

Adobe After Effects Render

AOL ART file

AutoRoute User Information

Compressed file archive created by ARX

MS Visual InterDev file

Ascii text file

Microsoft ASP.NET user control file

Autosave file (Word for Windows)


Assembly language header file (TASM 3.0)

Assembler include file (Turbo C - Borland C++)

Adobe Photoshop Layer file

Assembly source code file

Microsoft .NET Web Service file

Assembler object (object orientated) file (Turbo Assembler)

Microsoft Active Server Page

Microsoft ASP.NET file

Ms Automap Route

Microsoft Windows Media Active Stream Redirector file

Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format

Auto template (Aldus Persuasion 2.0)

Adobe Type Manager data/info

Adobe Photoshop Action file

Lightscape Material Library

AT&T Group 4 Bitmap

3D Topicscape (Exported association type)

Sound (audio) file (SUN Microsystems)

Autoit3 script file

Audio file

AutoIt Script

Auxillary references (TeX/LaTeX)

Publication (Avagio)

Inoculan Anti-Virus virus infected file

Avery Label Pro Data file

Audio Video Interleaved animation file (Video for Windows)

Audio Visual Research file

Animation file

ArcView file

Text file (HP AdvanceWrite)

Lavasoft Ad-aware backup file


Adobe Acrobat Bookmark XML file

Awk script/program

Movie (Animation Works)

Microsoft Fax key viewer

Telsis Digital Audio file


DirectShow Filter

Avery Label Pro Re-Index file

Paradigm C++ Integrated Debugger file

MS Autoroute Trip file

ArcIMS XML Project file

AMX Axcess control system file format

ZenWorks snAPPshot ASCII Application Object template

axxess files used as backups of Inter-Tel databases

Amazon Kindle eBook File

AZZ Cardfile

Black and white graphics (atari - mac)

backup file

CD Image Segment file

PCO Graphic file

Both mono and color binary screen image (1st Reader)


Printer font (JLaser - Cordata) (Ventura Publisher)

3D Builder file

Blindwrite 5 Disk Image file

Blindwrite 5 Image Information file

Blindwrite 6 Disk Image file

Blindwrite 6 Image Information file

Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane two (PicLab)

Black and white graphics (atari - mac)

Bad file (Oracle)

AOL Instant Messenger file

Ad-Aware Reference file

Backup file

Music score (Ballade)

Sierra Print Artist Banner

Horizontal bar menu object file (dBASE Application Generator)

Basic source code file

Batch file (DOS)

Database backup (Papyrus)

Settler IV Archive file

Bibliographic reference (TeX/BibTeX)

Brush (Deluxe Paint)

Bulletin Board System announce or text info file

Bitcomet Incompleted Download file

ConfigSafe Snapshot index


MS Works Communications file

Business Card Pro Design

Outline font description (Bitstream)

Borland C++ makefile

Business Card Designer template

Environment settings (Borland C++ 4.5)

Borland Database Engine

Bitmap Distribution Format font file (X11)

AVCHD Index file

Blu-ray information file

Border (MS Publisher)

Outline font description (Bitstream)

Bradford 2 font

Binary file format

Font metrics (unix/Frame)

Tivoli Storage Manager file

Fax (BitFax)

Bitmap graphics

Quicken 2002 Internet Common File

Borland Graphics Interface device driver

Flight Simulator scenery file

Quicken 2002 Internet Common File

Bibliography (ASCII)

Civilization III Scenario

BidMaker 2002 file

Binary Image Format b&w graphics (Image Capture board)

BioCharter Profile backup file



Free-motion capture files for character studio biped

Bitmap Image

Faxbook (JetFax)

Document backup (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 1 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 2 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 3 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 4 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 5 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 6 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 7 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 8 (WordPerfect for Win)

Timed backup file for document window 9 (WordPerfect for Win)

Microsoft Backup file

Background file

Backup file (Write - TurboVidion DialogDesigner)

Mirror image of font set (FontEdit)

DreamWorks Resource Archive

Bloadable picture (BASIC)

Blender 3D file

Windows Registry Recovery file

Binary Performance Log File

Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)

Steam Archive file

Saved AIM Buddy List file

Bitmap graphics

Corel Image file

3ds max Executable

Help Bookmarks (Windows 3.x)

Bitmap graphics (PC Paintbrush - many)

Buzz music file

Typequick file

Bundle file

Adlib instrument bank file

BobDown Downloading Program

MicroSim PCBoard Bill of Materials

Compressed file ASCII archive created by BOO (msbooasm.arc)

Adobe FrameMaker Boo

Linkbot file

Myriad Jukebox file

Chart (Business Plan Toolkit)

Delphi Library

Bitmap fills file (CorelDRAW)

BrioQuery file

Script (Bridge)

Eagle Layout file

Braille ASCII file

Fax (Brooktrout Fax-Mail)

BornoSoft Bangla2000 (a Bengali word processor) File extension

Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator file

Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator image

Micrografx Picture Publisher file

Multimedia browsing index

Compressed file archive created by BSARC

MapInfo Sea Chart

Compressed Apple II file archive created by BINSCII

Boundary Scan Description Language

BSPlayer Configuration file

Half-life/TFC/CS Map

BibTeX Style file

Bluespec System Verilog file

BitTorrent Partial Download file

Batch To Memory batch file (4DOS)

Buttonware file

Baytex Organix! 2001 Language Kit

DB/TextWorks Database Term & Indexes

Quicken Backup

Bugs and Problems

Bundled Audio files

DVD Backup file

Button definitions (Buttons!)

Datafile format (movie)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 1 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 2 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 3 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 4 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 5 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 6 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 7 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 8 (WordPerfect for Win)

Overflow file below insert point in Doc 9 (WordPerfect for Win)

BlindWrite Disk Image Information file

Spreadsheet application (Visual Baler)


Beware (buglist) (Kermit)

Blindwrite Sub Channel Data File


blaxxun Contact

Bzip 2 UNIX Compressed file

C++ source code file

Initial cache data for root domain servers (Telnet)

Cabinet File (Microsoft installation archive)

Cache file (typically Web cache)

Softdesk Drafix CAD File

dBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see cachedb.bat)

Document (Drafix Windows CAD)

MS Clip Gallery Catalog file

Calendar file (Windows 3.x)

Casio Camera Graphic

Fax (Navigator Fax)

Caption (Ventura Publisher)

Comma-delimited ASCII File

Catalog (dBASE IV)

Clean Boot File (Microsoft)

Fuzzy logic system (CubiCalc)

Calendar Builder file

Cobol source code file

Compiled bitmap graphics (XLib)

CentralBuilder Project

ComicBook Reader File archive (CDisplay image viewer)

Computer Based Training (many)

ComicBook Reader File archive (CDisplay image viewer)

C++ source code file

CC:Mail archive file

Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration

Bitmap graphics (native format) (Curtain Call)

CloneCD Related file

Calendar Creator 2 Event file

Communications configuration file (Symphony)

Chart (CorelChart)

Communication Command Language file (Intalk)

Btx Graphics file (XBTX)

Macromedia Director Shockwave file

Corel PrintHouse file

CD Audio Track

Card database (CardScan)

ConceptDraw Document file

Honeywell Hybrid Control Designer

Component Definition file

Compact Disc Plus Graphics file

Phillips Compact Disk Interactive format

Document (Atari Calamus)

CaseWare Working Papers Document Link

Visual dBASE Custom Data Module

CD/Spectrum Pro

Vector graphics (CorelDRAW native format)

Data (CorelDraw 4.0)

CorelDraw Compressed Image file

Main.ce (The FarSide Computer Calendar)

Apabi eBook file

Bitmap graphics (Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics)

Graphics (Autodesk Animator - Lumena)

Sendmail Configuration file

Comptons multimedia file

Macromedia Coldfusion component extension


Chart (CorelFLOW)

ColdFusion Markup Language (Allaire)

Font data (Atari Calamus)

C Form Object internal format object file (TCU Turbo C Utilities)

Quicken Cash Flow Projection file

Crossfire Replay file

CGA display font (Ventura Publisher)

Cricket Graph Data file

CCD Astrocamera

Common Gateway Interface script

Computer Graphics Metafile vector graphics (A&L - HG - many)

Header file (Clipper 5)

Chart (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

Presentation (Charisma 4.0)

Font descriptor (FontChameleon)

Document (ChiWriter)

Recovered data (ChkDsk)

Configuration History Log

Compiled HTML

Data (Ethnograph 3)

ChordPro file

Chapter file (Ventura Publisher)

Character set (Turbo C - Turbo Pascal)

Chart (Harvard Graphics 2.0 - SoftCraft Presenter)

Compiled Help Index file

AnalogX Caller ID file

Caltech Intermediate Format graphics

Canon CIFF

Clip Gallery Download Package

Intergraph Raster File Reference

Database index (TCU Turbo C Utilities)

Keyboard mapping (Borland C++ 4.5)

Common LISP source code file

Easy CD Creator Layout file

Easy CD Creator Layout file

Easy CD Creator Layout file

Java class file

Corel Binary metafile

Windows Catalog file

Client Management System Customer file


Clip art graphics (Quattro Pro)

Blue-ray Disc Clip Information file

Color binary screen image (1st Reader)

C++ class definition file

Data file (CraftMan)

Batch file (OS/2)

FM-music file (Creative Music File)

CMG file

Card (Card Shop Plus)

COMAL programming language

Cmm script (batch) file (CEnvi)

Virtools Composition file

Header file for PostScript printer files (CorelDRAW)

Culturemetrics file

Culturemetrics file

TrialDirector media storage

Animation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0)

Corel PhotoPaint Image

CNC general program data

ControlDraw file

Configuration (program - printer setup)

Helpfile contents

Data conversion support file (Word for Windows)

Cobol source code file

Datafile (Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold)

Command (memory image of executable program) (DOS)

Configuration file (Simdir)

Configuration file

Configuration file

Script (Complaints Desk)

MS Fax Cover Sheet

Fax (The Complete Fax)

Corel Print House file

C++ source code file

Cubase Project file

Copy Books Data file

Music text file (COMPOZ)

Canon Raw Image file

Total Commander CRC file

Cardfile (Windows 3.x - YourWay)

Encrypted database (dBASE IV)

File Conversion Resource (WordPerfect 5.1)

Terminal settings information (Oracle)

Microsoft Chart Template file

Compressed file archive created by CRUSH

Canon RAW Image file

Chrome Extension file

Google Chrome extension

Visual C# Source file

Graph (Statistica/w)

Hamilton Labs C Shell Script file

Claris Works

Precompiled headers (Borland C++ 4.5)

Compressed ISO Image file

PC Emcee Screen Image file (Computer Support Corporation)

Cascading Sheet Style file

Comma Separated Values text file format (ASCII)

Canon Catalog file

Microsoft Visual Basic Control file

Messenger contacts file

Cursor image file (Windows 3.x)


Cover page (WinFax)

WinFax Cover Sheet

Graphics (Canvas)

Backup file for CONVERTed database file (dBASE IV)

Color file (CodeView)

AppleWorks 6 document

CropWalker file

Google Picasa Collage file

Core Media Player XML-based Playlist File

Macromedia Director Protected Cast file

Data file in special format or ASCII

Configuration (dBASE IV - dBFast)

Database in SQL Windows format

Outlook Express e-mail folder file

Kodak Proprietary Image Format

Compressed Macintosh file archive created by DISKDOUBLER

Bitmap graphics

Device driver

Adobe Director Movie File

Dynamic Link Library (Windows 3.x - OS/2)

Setup (Norton Disklock)

Macintosh OS X Disk Image file

Document text file

Open XML Macro-enabled Document file (Microsoft Word 2007 / Word 2010)

Open XML Document text file (Microsoft Office 2007 / Office 2010)

Microsoft Word 2007 / Word 2010 Template file

Digital moving picture exchange format

Map Maker Pro GIS vector layer

Display Resource (WordPerfect for Win)

Device driver eg. for printer

Drawing (various)

Data fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)

Drawing database (AutoCAD)

Macromedia Dreamweaver Template file

Adobe Director Movie File

Data (Lotus 1-2-3)

Dzip Compressed file

Microsoft Outlook Add-on file

Terminal emulation data (BITCOM)

Outlook Express Mail Message

Enhanced Metafile graphics

Encapsulated PostScript vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)

Error log

Norton Ghost Template File

QuickBooks file

Extension file (Norton Commander)

filesystem driver in the Linux kernel

MS Outlook Bar Shortcuts

Fax (raster graphics) (most Fax programs)

FamilyTree Compressed backup file

FamilyTree Backup file

Adobe Flash file

OS/2 Driver file

Adobe Flash Video file

WinFax Received Document

Fax Transmit Format graphics (WinFax)

Genius Family Tree

Guitar Pro version 4.06

GuitarPro file

Header file (C++)

Hex dump

Yahoo Messenger History file

HTML Component (mechanism for implementing Dynamic HTML in script)

WebBase File

WebBase File

HyperText Markup Language document

HyperText Markup Language document

Hypertext file

MS Outlook 97 and 2000 e-mail account settings

IFF Interleaved Bitmap Image

Initialization file

MS Visual C++ Inline Function file

iPod/iPhone Application file

BlackBerry Backup file

IPod/IPad/IPhone Software file

CD/DVD image file

InstallShield Uninstall Script

iTunes Album Data file

iTunes Database file

Bitmap graphics (JPEG File Interchange Format)


Job file

Journal file SQL

Journal backup (VAX Edt editor)

JPEG 2000 file

File Signature (HEX)

46 4F 52 4D ?? ?? ?? ?? 41 49 46 46

4C 5A 49 50

53 50 30 31

5A 4D

47 49 46 38 37 61

FF D8 FF E0 00 10 4A 46 49 46 00 01

FF D8 FF E0 00 10 4A 46 49 46 00 01


21 42 44 4E

62 70 6C 69 73 74

38 42 50 53

52 61 72 21 1A 07 00

53 51 4c 69 74 65 20 66 6f 72 6d 61 74 20 33 00

43 57 53

49 49 2A 00

4D 4D 00 2A

30 26 B2 75 8E 66 CF 11

A6 D9 00 AA 00 62 CE 6C

30 26 B2 75 8E 66 CF 11

A6 D9 00 AA 00 62 CE 6C

D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1





















46 72 6F 6D 20 20 20







































[4 byte offset]

66 74 79 70 33 67 70

[4 byte offset]

66 74 79 70 33 67 70
















37 7A BC AF 27 1C

37 7A BC AF 27 1C




































41 4F 4C 44 42




72 69 66 66
















80 00















21 12














52 49 46 46

46 4F 52 4D









50 4B 03 04






41 72 43 01

01 00 02 00


60 EA

60 EA





4A 47 03 0E







30 26 B2 75 8E 66 CF 11

A6 D9 00 AA 00 62 CE 6C


















2E 73 6E 64








52 49 46 46 ?? ?? ?? ?? 41 56 49 20




8A 01 09 00 00 00 E1 08

00 00 99 19


































41 4F 4C 20 46 65 65 64

62 61 67










































































42 4D

42 5A 68



4D 53 43 46






73 72 63 64 6F 63 69 64




52 54 53 53

5F 43 41 53 45 5F


































45 4C 49 54 45 20 43 6F

6D 6D 61 6E 64 65 72 20










5B 66 6C 74 73 69 6D 2E

30 5D


































10 00 00 00

10 00 00 00

10 00 00 00


43 4D 58 31





















52 49 46 46













46 41 58 43 4F 56 45 52

2D 56 45 52







49 49 2A 00 10 00 00 00

43 52