Bitstream Forensics has Joined the Cold Case Foundation Task Force

At the heart of this digital forensics investigations team, our mission is to bring hope, answers, and justice to those who need it. We are called on to assist in some of life's toughest seasons, and so we strive every day to find “The Truth for the Innocent”. Near and dear to our hearts have always been those who wait in silence, sometimes for years, hoping and praying for answers and change. Helping those who have seen the face of injustice brought us into this field and drives us to be better each day. We live in a day & age where our skills are desperately needed to make the world a better place, so over the past few months, we have been working hard to build partnerships that can make a lasting impact and change lives forever.

Today, we are excited to announce one of these partnerships. We have partnered with the elite team of the Cold Case Foundation who is the ultimate resource for homicides, missing persons, unidentified bodies and rape/sexual assault cold cases with serial characteristics. With mind-blowing crime statistics in the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, such as an estimated 5,737 cold-blooded killers get away with murder each year, this Task Force is working hard to not only change these statistics, but be a resource and change the lives of those who have been impacted by these horrific crimes. We also seek to help those who have suffered other types of injustices, for example, those in desperation who feel like their lives are over because they have been convicted and are serving a sentence for a crime they did not commit.

The Cold Case Foundation's objective is to support law enforcement agencies of all sizes in their efforts to close homicides, missing persons, unidentified bodies, and rape/sexual assaults with serial characteristics successfully though funding, consulting, networking, training, and victim support. The Cold Case Task Force has a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from active and retired law enforcement, forensic experts, legal experts, medico-legal experts, victim advocate experts, stress management experts, as well as arson investigation experts. Team bios can be found on their website along with other resources and information.

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye on our page for other shocking crime statistics we are working to change, information on the impacts we are making, and ways you can get involved. Where there is injustice, Bitstream Forensics will be there…. We will #neverstop! Check out the Cold Case Foundation today at and stay tuned for another big announcement today (November 30, 2020)!

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